Volume 3, Issue 2, December 2013


Repeated Trauma Therapy with a Preschool Child in Foster Care – By Celina Rozenblum Lefelman, (Full Article

Art Therapy in Israel: Changes in Professional Regulation - By Allon Haas, (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

Art Therapy for Treating Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): The Unique Contribution of Art Materials - By Dr. Dafna Regev and Dr. Sharon Snir, (Full Article)

Folk Dancing and Emotional Intelligence Abilities among Early Childhood–aged Children - By Ofra Walter and Enju Sat, (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

New Theses:

Managing Chaos: Personal Writing as a Self-Therapeutic Tool at Life Transitions - Galia Friedland-Bashan (Abstract)

Examination of the Young Theater Spectator’s Viewing Modes, based on Interdisciplinary Discussion about "potential space" and "aesthetic distance" - By Elinor Dori (Abstract)

Aspects of Transforming Narrative in D&D and their Meaning in the Dynamic Intersection between the Child's Inner World and the Game World - By Dana Marueli (Abstract)

The Sake of Fasting: Anorexia as Secular Asceticism - By Ron Finkenberg (Abstract)

The Wounded Healer – The Position of Personal Affliction and Therapy among Bibliotherapists at the Beginning of their Career - By Noga Rotstien (Abstract)

Self-Disclosure among Bibliotherapists - By Hagit Katz (Abstract)

Bibliotherapy and Maternal Guilt - Does Bibliotherapy Help Transform 'forbidden emotions' into Legitimate Ones? - By Ronit Meshulam (Abstract)

The Birth of a Therapist: The Conscious and Subconscious Processes that Influence the Development of the Art Therapist's Professional Identity - By Yael Shalom (Abstract)

Drawings and Narratives as a Tool to Encourage Emotional Expression of Negative Life Experiences amongst Children who were Placed out of Their Homes between the ages of eight and eleven - By Nika Lehmann (Abstract)

The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Female Sexual Distress during Pregnancy - By Orly Ashkenazi (Abstract)

Surviving the Unsurvivable – the Holocaust Experiences through Diaries and Paintings - By Hadas Elul (Abstract)

Art as a Means for Emotional Therapy among Mothers with Post-Partum Depression in Arabic Society at Israel - By Afnan Hamed - Agbariah (Abstract)

Applications of Art therapy in the Clinical Field to Women Suffering from Fibromyalgia - By Araceli Guiote (Abstract)

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