Volume 1, Issue 2, Dec 2011


Art Therapy and Prostitution- A Case Study - By Maya Tal (Abstract (Eng) | Hebrew pp. 94-105 | Abstract (Esp))

Reconstruction of self identity of Holocaust Child Survivors who participated in the 'Testimony Theater' - By Miri Peleg, Dr. Dani Yaniv and Prof. Rachel Lev-Wiesel (Abstract (Eng)Hebrew pp. 76-93 | Abstract (Esp))

The Additional Value of Art-Psychotherapy -Visual Symbolization - By Dr. Daphna Markman Zineman (English pp. 131-139Abstract (Heb) | Abstract (Esp))

Wilfred R. Bion and Samuel Beckett: A glimpse into an encounter between a psychoanalyst and a play-writer - By Nataly Turjeman (Abstract (Eng) | Hebrew pp. 66-75 | Abstract (Esp))

Students Dissertations:

Draw a Person Assessment Exam among the Mentally Retarded: Evaluation of Possible Diagnostic Indicators - By Nurit Tadmor, Noa Shaw, Hadas Shlomo and Dafna Lavi (Abstract (Eng) | Hebrew pp. 110-117 | Abstract (Esp))

Group art therapy: closed groups versus open groups - By Ziva Barel-Shoshani and Rivka Corcos-Strugo (Abstract (Eng) | Hebrew pp. 118-125 | Abstract (Esp))

The therapeutic effect of Playback Theater: actors' perceptions - By Maya Offner (Abstract (Eng) | Hebrew pp. 106-109 | Abstract (Esp))

Book Reviews and Critiques:

Handbook of Music and Emotion: Theory, Research, Applications, Edited by Patrik N. Juslin and John A. Sloboda. Oxford University Press, 2010: a review - By Dr. Donna Abecasis (English pp. 126-130)

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