Volume 12, Issue 2, December 2022

Volume 12, Issue 2, December 2022
Cover: Neta Singer

Mindel Iris, Mussa Amani, Roginsky Efrat, Regev Dafna, Sender Katz Hagit, Rotem-Ert Tal, Weisberger Ifat, Lidar Yifat., Berman Leah, Shor-Levin Liat, Shwartz Livnat, Adler- Gavrieli Merav, Simonsohn Miri, Meir-Rotem Noa, Bercowski-Front Nati, Weber Levitzky Sigal, Sher Adi, Atlas-Cohen Adina, Ron, Keren Or, Kowalsky Sirely, Toker Sharon, Snir Sharon & Sade-Dor Tamar

The Status of Art Therapy in Israel's Education System in 2022

(Full Text is only available in Hebrew)

Sade-Dor, T., Snir, S., Toker, S., Kowalsky, S., Ron, K., Atlas-Cohen, A., Sher, A., Weber Levitzky, S., Bercowski-Front, A., Meir-Rotem, N., Simonsohn, M., Simonsohn, M., Adler- Gavrieli, M., Shwartz, L., Shor-Levin, L., Berman, L., Lidar, Y., Weisberger, I., Rotem-Ert, T., Sender Katz, H., Regev, D., Roginskey, E., Mussa, A. & Mindel, I.

“Standing Tall” Project-training and Collaborative Research for Art Therapists that Work in the Education System

(Full Text is only available in Hebrew)


Gali Borman, Michal Ulitzur-Zemel, Shahar Gindi & Neta Ram-Vlasov

“Being There Without Fear”:The Role and Meaning of Art Creating in the Therapeutic Relationship Experience  of Art Therapists Working with Children on the Autistic Spectrum

(Full Text is only available in English)


Lilac Ariely, Liat Shamri-Zeevi & Ofira Honig

The Smartphone in the Art Therapy Studio with Adolescents

(Full Text is only available in Hebrew)


Chaya Volosov, Inbal Efron Nissim, Dovrat Harel & Shoshi Keisari

Online Drama Therapy with Older Adults during COVID-19

(Full Text is only available in Hebrew)

Yifat Gelber

Model for Constructing a Group Hour of Music Therapy in a Psychiatric in-Patient Facility  

(Full Text is only available in Hebrew)

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