Volume 2, Issue 1, June 2012


"Joining Broken Wings" Cinema assisted group therapy for boarding school adolescents and their parents - By Osnat Refaeli-Stav (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp. 140-149 | Abstract (Esp))

The Interpersonal Play Space (IPPS): an integrative group model in Art and Drama therapy for ASD diagnosed children - By Gideon Zehavi & Dvora Pur (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp. 150-159Abstract (Esp))

New Theses:

Conjoint art work as non-verbal therapeutic communication between mother and child - By Avital Edry (Abstract(Eng) Hebrew pp169-172Abstract (Esp))

Playing Life For Real: Psychodramatic Work with Siblings of the Mentally Ill - By Shlomit Mandel (Abstract (Eng)Hebrew pp173-175Abstract (Esp))

Relationships between creativity and between sleep structure, patterns & quality, among visual arts students - By Neta Ram (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp180 Abstract (Esp))

The Body as Narrator: Body-Movement Memory in Life-stories of Holocaust Survivors - By Galit Zana-Sternfeld (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp163-164Abstract (Esp))

The creator's experience in wood sculpture - By Anita Berkovich (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp166-167Abstract (Esp))

The Impact of Mothers' Participation on the Emotional Performance of Young Children in a Movement Therapy Group - By Dalia Kedem (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp165Abstract (Esp))

The Role of Art in Art Therapy - By Keren Avidan (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp176-179Abstract (Esp))

The Subjective Experience of Abusive Mothers Who Were Abused in Childhood: Life Stories and Family Drawings - By Maya Tal (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp168 Abstract(Esp))

Students Dissertations:

Brain and the concept of choice - personal and psychotherapeutic aspects - By Hagit Orin (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp181-188Abstract (Esp))

Mirror neurons and expressions in children with autism - By Vardit Katzav (Abstract (Eng) Hebrew pp189-195Abstract (Esp))

Book Reviews and Critiques:

Love - What's the Brain Got To Do With It? On The Book A General Theory of Love by Lewis T., Amini F. & Lannon R - By Dr. Liat Ayalon (English pp196-199)

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