Volume 4, Issue 1, June 2014


Purim all year round: A Purim attitude to life in light of Rabbis Shaga"r Froman and Steinzaltz - By Levi Weinstein, (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew) 

Art-Based Supervision: From implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge - By Tami Gavron, (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

Zoom into Puppet – The three-dimensional model of the puppet: Therapeutic aspects - By Smadar Cooper-Caesari, (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

New Theses:

Under the shadow of Dyslexia: The experience of being a Dyslexic child - By Neta Gat Hetz (Abstract)

History of Sexual Abuse vs. Other Traumas in Levels of Antenatal Depression - By Carolyn Golan (Abstract)

Comparison between maternal representation of mother-child relationship before and after drama therapy intervention focused on maternal insightfulness - By Daniela Golbert (Abstract)

Seriously clowning: Medical clowning intervention during invasive examinations in children in hospital - By Shoshi Ofir (Abstract)

The psychodramatic auxiliary ego: Effects of prior personal acquaintance with a role, role play ability and training on the quality of role reversal - By Tali Weiser (Abstract)

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