The Academic Journal of Creative Arts Therapies (AJCAT) aims to publish original articles in Hebrew and English that expand and contribute towards the Creative Arts Therapies. 

Types of Articles

The following types of articles are considered for publication: quantitative and qualitative research articles, arts-based studies, theoretical studies, theory‑based case studies, research literature reviews, and essays presenting a historical, philosophical or visionary perspective.

The journal also features reviews and critiques of recently published books in the field, abstracts from noteworthy articles published in other parts of the world, reports on dissertations recently completed in Israeli establishments of higher education, and information on upcoming conferences and events in Israel and abroad that are relevant to the field of creative arts therapies.

Every article is subject to a peer review by external and qualified experts. When submitting an article, authors must attest that the manuscript is being submitted only to the AJCAT and that it will not be submitted to another ISRAELI journal while under consideration. Authors are required to inform the editor of the AJCAT if the article has been published or is pending publication in a non-Israeli journal, and as such, its republication in the AJCAT may be considered.

Ideas and opinions expressed in the publications of this journal are solely those of their authors and do not reflect or represent the editors' views or approach.


ISSN 2312-3664
Key title: Ṭiyṗẇl ḃ-ʾamanẇyŵt : meḥqar w-yṣiyrah ḃa-maʿaśeh ha-ṭiyṗẇliy

Parallel title: Academic journal of creative arts therapies

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