Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2012


Creativity and Grief in Leonard Cohen's "Tower of Song" – By Yuval Dotan, (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew) 

The relationship between social rejection during adolescence, depression, body image, and breast augmentation surgery in Israeli women - By Rageda Shlewet Amal, M.A, Prof. Rachel Lev-Wiesel, Dr. Jackie Guvrin, Expert in Plastic Surgery (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

Stretching the limits of cognitively disabled performers through dance/movement therapy - By Dr. Prof. Rob Baum, (English pp. 202 - 212)

Women between Fabrics. The “arpilleras” for social inclusion - By Eva Santos Sánchez-Guzmán (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Spanish)

Art Therapy Exhibitions: Participants, Interests, Priorities - By Andrée Salom, (English pp. 214 - 223

Thoughts on Therapy

Professional Ethics in the Digital Age: Advice for the Professional Arts Therapists - By Judith Siano, (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

New Theses:

Self-Mutilation as Expressed in Self-Figure Drawings in Adolescent Sexual Abuse Survivors - By Angi Jacobs-Kayam (Abstract)

The unique therapeutic effect of different art materials on psychological aspects among children 7-9 years old - By Tamar Pesso Aviv (Abstract)

Students Dissertations:

Birth experiences as reflected in drawings by home-birth mothers and hospital-birth mothers - By Alona Vinogradov (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

"Separately Together": Separation-Individuation Processes in Twins from the Dyadic Therapy Perspective - By Shlomit Chasid, Evia Shellac, Vardit Kazav & Naftali Schwarz (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

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