Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2011


Biography, literary writing and auto therapeutic writing - The author William Saroyan as a case study - By Dr. Alon Raz (Abstract (Eng)| Hebrew pp. 1-11 | Abstract (Esp))

Circle Dance vs. Free Dance: Their influence on self control, regulation and a sense of security in early childhood - By Dr. Ofra Walter & Lilach Ben Zvi (Abstract (Eng)| Hebrew pp. 12-22 | Abstract (Esp) )

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde vs. Sybil: dissociative identity disorder in literature from a psychoanalytic perspective - By Nataly Turjeman (Abstract (Eng)| Hebrew pp. 23-28 | Abstract (Esp))

Students Dissertations:

Autism Spectrum Disorder as Reflected in Drawings - By Inbal Bar, Merav Adler Gabriely, Orly Ashkenazi, and Gitit Shaviv, students in the Graduate School Of Creative Arts Therapies, University of Haifa (English pp. 52-56 | Abstract (Heb) | Abstract (Esp))

Discriminative indicators expressed in the DAP test among individuals who were diagnosed with schizophrenia - By Maya Tal, Galit Abuktat, Dana Blum & Shimrit Barash (Abstract (Eng)| Hebrew pp. 29-34 | Abstract (Esp))

Female Body Image: Older and Younger Women Reflected Through Machover's Draw-A-Person Test - By Chen Baralya, Manar Hamdan, Carrie Golan & Anna Awad (English pp. 57-60 | Abstract (Heb) | Abstract (Esp))

"There is a creak in everything, that's how the light gets in" (Leonard Cohen) - Narrative identity, immigrant stories of members of the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved PCFF- The Families Forum and meaning of their choice in peace - By Anat Marnin-Shaham, Dorit Gabbai, Orna Rolnzki & Amalia Sali (Abstract (Eng) | Hebrew pp. 35-42 | Abstract (Esp))

If and how breast cancer is expressed in self-figure drawing? - By Ziva Barel-Shoshani, Rachel Gill, Inessa Chernikov & Rotem Regev (Abstract (Eng)| Hebrew pp. 43-48 | Abstract (Esp))

Belly Dancing as an Instrument for Dance/Movement Therapy - By Yael Mavor (Abstract (Eng) | Hebrew pp. 49-51 | Abstract (Esp))

Book Reviews and Critiques:

Not Being Able to Paint (Marion Milner): Review of Part I (chapters 1-5), the Emergence of the Free Drawings (Firing of the Imagination), and Implications for Art Therapy - By Dr. Michal Bat Or (English pp. 61-65)

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