Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2017


Dov Blum-Yazdi  -  Freedom Games; Gadamer vs. Winnicot - Approaches to Play (pages 621-633)
     Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew)  (page 403)

Hagit Pollak -  "Wander Away and Come Back Different from What I Was": A Proposal to Combine Travel Stories in Working with Adolescents (pages 634-644)

       Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew)  (page 404)  



Article Review


     Steiger, H. (2017). Evidence-informed Practices in the Real-world Treatment of People with Eating Disorders.

         Reviewed by Evia Shelah (Available in Hebrew) (pages 645-646) 


Book Review


  Garden Therapy – A book by Tamar Lustig (Ben Naftali)

       Reviewed by Angi Jacobs-Kayam (Available in Hebrew) (pages 647-648)


International Conferences


  • USA, November 2017

       American Art Therapy Association 48th Annual Conference



  • USA, November 2017

        American Music Therapy Association



  • Australia, December 2017

       The Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association


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