Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2017


Dov Blum-Yazdi  -  Freedom Games; Gadamer vs. Winnicot - Approaches to Play (pages 621-633)
     Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew)  (page 403)

Hagit Pollak -  "Wander Away and Come Back Different from What I Was": A Proposal to Combine Travel Stories in Working with Adolescents (pages 634-644)

       Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew)  (page 404)  



Article Review


     Steiger, H. (2017). Evidence-informed Practices in the Real-world Treatment of People with Eating Disorders.

         Reviewed by Evia Shelah (Available in Hebrew) (pages 645-646) 


Book Review


  Garden Therapy – A book by Tamar Lustig (Ben Naftali)

       Reviewed by Angi Jacobs-Kayam (Available in Hebrew) (pages 647-648)


International Conferences


  • USA, November 2017

       American Art Therapy Association 48th Annual Conference



  • USA, November 2017

        American Music Therapy Association



  • Australia, December 2017

       The Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association


Volume 7, Issue 2, December 2017


Dafna Regev, Hila Chasday and Sharon Snir -  Silence during Art Therapy – The Client's Perspective  (Page 405)

Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew)


Giana Khalifa - Intercultural Gaps in Art Therapy Supervision in Schools and Their Impact on the Therapy and on the Professional Development of the Therapist: The Case of Arab Therapists Supervised by Jewish Supervisor (Page 406)

Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew)


Shirley Rechtman, Dafna Regev, Sharon Snir, Liat Cohen-Yatziv and Ofra Shofar - The Experience of Parenthood for Pregnant Women with Divorced Parents Expressed in Mother - Infant Relationship Drawings  (Page 407)

Abstract  (Full text is only available in Hebrew)


Inbar Barazani & Eti Gary - The Story, the Stage and the Group (Page 408)

Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew)


Shahaf Kimhi & Inbal Lubin - The Essence of Open-Studio in Health Facilities, as Viewed by Art-therapists (Page 409)

Abstract (Full text is only available in Hebrew



Book Review


  Meeting the Sounds: Music Therapy from a Personal Perspective, Dorit Amir. 

   Reviewed by Efrat Roginsky (available in Hebrew only). 


   The Clinical Diary, Sandor Ferenczi. 

   Reviewed by Keren Harel (available in Hebrew only).


International Conferences


USA, (Miami) April 2018

American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama Annual Conference



Iceland, October 2018

20th Nordic Art Therapies Conference



USA, (Miami) November 2018

American Art Therapy Association Annual Conference


Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2016


Dance movement therapy with children - Unrepresented states and the construction of meaning  By Dr. Einat Shuper Engelhard (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

Page 386


The link between the art process and primary/secondary processes, merger/separation process and discrepancies between actual/ideal-ought-to-self

By Ronithah Hertha Heymann (English)

Pages 387-401


Rescue in the Grimm tales and in therapy

By Naomi Govreen(Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

Page 402


Book Review:

     Somatic Experience in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy – A book by William F. Cornell– Reviewed  

     By Dr. Maya Vulcan (Available in Hebrew)


International conferences:

Poland, September 2017

14th European Arts Therapies Conference


Canada, September 2017

Indigenous roots of Expressive Arts Therapy


Boston, USA, October 2017

North American Drama Therapy Association


New Mexico, USA, November 2017

American Art Therapy Association


Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2016


Art Therapy in the Israeli Education System – An Update - By Dafna Regev, Sharon Snir, Maisa Alkara, Irit Belity, Anat Green-Orlovich, Hadeel Daoud, Debi Melzak, Dalia Mekel, Abir Salamy, Hiba Abd Elkader, Vered Keinan (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)

Children Exposed to Their Father’s Violence Against Their Mother: The Link Between the Children’s Perception of the Escalation and Their Experience of Complex Psychological, Physical, and Sexual Abuse – By Yifat Carmel (English)

From the Meaning of a Story to the Meaning of Existence: Flash fiction as a tool for logotherapy – By Orna Levin (Abstract) (Full text is only available in Hebrew)


Book Review:

A Theory-based Approach to Art Therapy: Implications for teaching, research and practice – A book by E.Huss – Reviewed by Angi Jacobs-Kayam (English)


International conferences:

European Association Dance Movement Therapy Conference

Milano, Italy, Sept 2016



Buckeye Art Therapy Association

Ohio, USA, Sept 2016



British Psychodrama Association

Birmingham, United Kingdom, September 2016



American Dance Therapy Association annual conference

Bethesda, MD, USA, October 2016



North American Drama Therapy Association

Seattle, Washington, USA, October 2016



Creative Movement Therapy Association of India Annual International Conference
Bangalore, India, November 2016



14th European Arts Therapies Conference

Krakow, Poland, September 2017


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